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School holiday crafts for children in Katy

Posted on 07-28-2014


During the school holidays, it is normal for children to get bored and frustrated and you may find them watching TV to stay entertained. If you need help in thinking of some fun activities for your children, then read here for some ideas.

Have your kids create their own placemat

Get some large pieces of cardboard and have your child paint, draw, glue and more to create a beautiful artwork of her own. Help her write her name on it and then take it to a local stationery or printing shop to have it laminated. She will be able to use her creativity and have something she created herself. This is perfect for pre-k aged kids.

Animal masks

Something that your preschooler will like to make is an animal mask. Get some paper plates and help your child draw a face on the plate. You can help her draw the basic facial features in a black marker (such as eyes, nose, mouth and whiskers for a cat) and have her color in the rest. You can even cut out ears at the top. Then just cut out holes for the eyes and add some elastic and you have a completed mask.

Fingerprint Tree

Anything you can create that preserves your child’s prints is a great activity and always adored by parents. Take a piece of paper and draw or print a tree on it. Dab some paint on a paper plate and allow your child to paint the leaves on the tree with her fingers. When the painting is dry you can write your child’s name and date on it as a keepsake.

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