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Tips for Keeping Kids Busy During Summer

Posted on 05-18-2015

Arts & Crafts

Whether you’re indoors on a rainy day or enjoying the sunshine outdoors, arts and crafts projects never fail when it comes to little ones. Find an array of DIY crafts for kids online at website’s such as Pinterest, Care.com and personal blogs. Some of our favorites include squirt gun painting and adorable baking soda sea art!

Stay Active

It’s easy for kids to fall into the slump of staying indoors all summer playing video games or watching television. Encourage your kids to go outside by taking them on hikes, kayaking trips or even just strolls around the neighborhood, it’s important to lead by example. Motivate your kids to stay active by integrating activities that they like to do. For example if your child loves riding their bike then plan a group bike ride and picnic in a scenic area.

Experiment in the Kitchen

Cure boredom by turning your kitchen into your own cooking show! Let your little one pick out a recipe and help them customize it to be their very own. Not only does this help children understand what they like and dislike, it also gets their hands messy and free from the television remote for a couple hours.

Take a 10-Week Virtual Tour of Our Nation!

Send your children on a complete adventure where they can explore beaches, mountains and hot desert sands all while learning and making friends! This summer Kids ‘R’ Kids Academies are teaming up to create a unique summer camp experience for our junior and senior campers (Kindergarten – 12 years old). Throughout this 10-week program we’ll pack our imaginary bags and plot a course from adventure. Learn more here!

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